Weight Struggles


There is no avoiding the fact that losing weight is hard. If you're reading this, then I know you get it and understand. The extreme highs and lows of yo-yo dieting, the food cravings, the binge eating, and the feeling of failure when you gain back the weight yet again. There's frustration when we have tried your absolute best to drink water, eat vegetables, and exercise and the scale still doesn't show the weight loss we've worked so hard for. Then of course there's insecurities that convince us to wear that baggy sweatshirt that is comfortable but we all know that it hides our overweight bodies. 

Ask yourself the following questions when you are not losing weight.

• Am I eating too many/too much carbs?

• Am I tracking what I eat? Food journals are imporant.

• Am I fudging on my intake of food?

• Have my portions gotten bigger? 

• Am I eating BLTs (it's not bacon, lettuce and tomatoe...it's bites, licks and tastes) without considering what the carbs, calories and fats are?

• Am I "just this one time" Splurging myself too often? Sure, an occasional splurge won't knock you totally off track, but if you have a bunch of those they will add up over time and you won't lose weight.

• Am I overeating because, "I exercised today so I need it."

Quality Over Quantity & It Still Matters.

If you're ready to start today, and step off that dieting roller coaster of highs and lows of yo-yo dieting, and build a healthy lifestyle that will last you a lifetime and believe it or not still let you enjoy chocolates/sweets and breads...then keep reading. Every step you take large or small makes a difference.

Just some examples of some small baby steps and it still matters (you won't loss 10 pounds overnight)... choosing water to drink instead of soda at a restaurant or at home,  taking a 10-minute walks after work or during the day with your spouse or kids, adding a serving of vegetables to your meals, eating sugar free sweets instead of a Hershey's/Snickers, or preparing your own low carb bread you won't feel guilty about eating. That's the beauty of taking one small baby step/change. It's just reasonable steps to get you from where you are now to your goal weight, living the healthy lifestyle you want to be living.